Available courses

Course Image Course on life insurance

Learn all concepts related to life insurance which will help in boosting your career in the domain of life insurance.

Course Image Course on general insuance

Learn all concepts related to general insurance which will help in boosting your career in the domain of general insurance

Course Image Certificate course on GST

With the rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from July 1, 2017, one of India’s strongest and most ambitious tax and economic reforms in history, the whole indirect tax regime has changed with 17 indirect taxes being merged into one i.e. GST. Our course will help you deal with the complexities of GST and other indirect taxes by arming you with the basics of the statute.

Course Image Certificate course on Transfer Pricing

Whether you are a commerce graduate, business graduate or a budding/qualified chartered accountant, with no or limited knowledge about transfer pricing, this course has been specifically designed for you. 

Bharatmentor's beginner courses provide a basic level understanding of the subject, focussing on capability building. These courses will help you demonstrate practical knowledge of the subject, be it for securing a job or an articleship with a practioner or a practicing firm. 

Our simple-to-understand course modules coupled with elaborate video lessons, will help you in grasping the targeted course contents with ease. Moreover, we ensure that a larger part of what you learn gets retained. This is possible with the help of innovative 'Mastery Learning' techniques used by your mentors, including in-the-course elibility tests and final assessment and certification tests at the end of each course.

Course Image Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Our AI Engineer's course provides training in the skills required for a career in AI. You will get to learn on Machine Learning and other AI concepts, plus the programming languages needed to design intelligent agents, deep learning algorithms & advanced artificial neural networks that use predictive analytics to solve real-time decision-making problems.