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Course Image Training of newly appointed ARs/Inspectors of Department of Cooperation

This exclusive training program is designed for newly appointed Accounts Receivable and Inspectors in PACS and MPCC in the state of Punjab.  The course has been designed by conducting a critical analysis of the training needs of the cooperative department’s requirements.

This course is about cooperative movement history, it's beginning in India and Punjab, cooperative organization, cooperative models, types of cooperatives, and cooperative development. In the beginning, the concept of a cooperative, non-cooperative, credit and cooperative banking is explained and how all these entities function. The course consist of nine modules, where each module aims to provide essential information about cooperative and non-cooperative organizations, State Acts and Policies as well as organizational management procedures.

In further modules, the course explores Punjab State Cooperative Societies Acts, Rules, By-Laws, court procedures, Punjab State Civil Services Rules, Financial Rules and important provisions of Income Tax Act and RTI Act. Later part of the course is more about the financial accounting, audit, Human Resources Development, Information Technology and MIS.