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Course Image Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Business Management

1.  Key Features:

  • Modular Approach and Inter Dependent Modules on Business Management
  • Covering Principles and Practice of Various Aspects and Functions of Business Management
  • 100 hours of high quality interactive e-learning content
  • 10 end-of-chapter learning assessment quizzes
  • Course completion certificate by Punjab Institute of Cooperative Training, Chandigarh.

2.  Course Description

  • The Business Management course covers the introductory concepts of different Principles and practices of Management.The course projects the outline and covers the different theories related to Business management.
  • This is the best introductory course for a professional who aspires to get into Business management and know the different methodologies essential to get into leadership role.

3.  Course Objective

This course is a complete bundle of introductory Business management learning areas that a professional aspirant looks for. Regardless of the industry you are from, this course will enable you to move toward taking on leadership
management roles.

4.  Learning Objective and Benefits

  • Business management certifications are the most coveted credentials in Personal & leadership management. The Introduction to this Management course is the first step toward these bigger credentials. We offer online training and 24x7 learner assistance and support.
  • Thus Ensuring participants understand the fundamentals of Business management and implement standard processes and practices successfully.
  • The e-learning content is precise and delivered through Learning Management System (LMS)
  • In built interactive assessments and quizzes to test complete understanding of the modules.

5.  Target Audience

  • This course is beneficial for Graduates, Under Graduates and Post Graduates
  • For working professionals, who are willing to upgrade their knowledge and enter into managerial role

6.  Language

Available in English

7.  Course Fee

The course fee is INR 18,000 + GST (@18%). 

Course Image Higher Diploma in Cooperative Management

This exclusive training program is designed for newly appointed Accounts Receivable and Inspectors in PACS and MPCC in the state of Punjab.  The course has been designed by conducting a critical analysis of the training needs of the cooperative department’s requirements.

This course is about cooperative movement history, it's beginning in India and Punjab, cooperative organization, cooperative models, types of cooperatives, and cooperative development. In the beginning, the concept of a cooperative, non-cooperative, credit and cooperative banking is explained and how all these entities function. The course consist of nine modules, where each module aims to provide essential information about cooperative and non-cooperative organizations, State Acts and Policies as well as organizational management procedures.

In further modules, the course explores Punjab State Cooperative Societies Acts, Rules, By-Laws, court procedures, Punjab State Civil Services Rules, Financial Rules and important provisions of Income Tax Act and RTI Act. Later part of the course is more about the financial accounting, audit, Human Resources Development, Information Technology and MIS.