E-Learning Transformation at a Government Institute

The institute had the distinction of delivering mandatory training to the Cooperative personnel in one of the biggest states in India. It has been engaged in conducting training programmes for the Officers of the Cooperative Department in the state from its inception.

The Challenge

Though the institute shares an incredible history of achievements, it was trying to overcome the present limitations that included lack of modern infrastructure, finances and total time spent on the training course. The situation got even worse when the institute expanded, more than doubling as a result of a new requisition program, bringing in new hires more rapidly than ever. With the increase in the total number of participants, the existing training model being a traditional classroom residential program for months recorded the frightening low attendance as participants used to travel from far regions. The infrastructure turned out to be another big concern.

E-Learning Transformation at a Government InstituteThe government institute was struggling and requiring an expert to help the institute it's management and training staff.

 The Solution:

The institute collaborated with Bharatmentors and moved its traditional classroom training to modern e-learning via Bharatmentors LMS. This helps the institute offer the right training to the new hires situated across a diverse geography. Besides reaching and training its diversely located students, the institute is able to save in a huge amount of funds just by moving new hires training online. Currently, 500 newly hired state government employees are enrolled, and the number is going to increase in the coming times.